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Mi-id Box office software. Simple, Sell tickets to your event. Cost-effective

online tickets

Easy & cost-effective box office system for events & festivals

Control access to your events and take charge of the revenue you generate at the door

Track Sales

Mi-id's box office system allows you to constantly supervise the amount of cash taken at the door. By monitoring your cash you can cash-up, reconcile your revenue at the end of the day and reduce theft at your event.

Monitor Attendance

Know exactly how much people are in your venue and which types of tickets you have sold.

Prevent Unauthorized Entry

Don't rely on a ribbon or a stamp to gain access to your event. Each box office ticket has a unique barcode that is only valid for that ticket.

Quick setup, quick printing, quick queue times

Mi-id's Box office software is designed to be as simple as possible to reduce training time, ques and staff errors

No expensive POS terminals

Mi-id uses POS printers and a windows software for ease of use and quick printing.

Easy to set up

Create your tickets via your Mi-id profile and start selling.

On-Site Support

Your success is our success. We will be there to set up and monitor the system.